So, we are back and life is getting back to normal!! I think this last week and a half have been tough on all of us, but we now are so happy to be back to our little home in chilly Seattle!

The first two pictures are from the wedding…aren’t my boys adorable!! The third is of a few of Eric’s nieces and one of his nephews! So cute!! It was far to hot in Arizona for my but it was nice to have some heat. We made it back alive and thankful for what we have.

Eric went to Baltimore last week, left right from AZ. Cole and I stayed at Mom and Toms for the week to try and distract us from him not being here. It worked! He came home and Cole was so EXCITED!! I can’t lie, I was a little worried Cole might freak out at Eric when he first got home…WRONG! he was so happy to see him, all smiles and giggles!

Cole had his two month doctors appointment on the 1st. He had three shots! We opted out of some of the immunizations but felt that some were essential. He is so long!! In the 77% group in length!! But is so skinny, he is only in the 28% group in weight! They say to start to up the formula again (mind you we just got down to just under 6oz a day) but we think the charts are not really reliable, he is growning and happy and healthy so we are going to continue to feed on a mostly BF plan and watch his weight.

I am so excited for the HOLIDAYS!! Infact today I am going to get out the boxes and start some fall decorating :)) Wish me luck!


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  1. cute pictures of your FAMILY!

    I hear AZ heat is better than CA heat, because it’s so humid here. I believe it. It’s been 100 here for the last 2 weeks. It’s miserable.

    Happy Fall.

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