My new thing is knitting while I BF!! Not so sure why I didn’t realize what a great idea this is earlier! Maybe it is the weather 🙂

Last night we went to the Angles vs. Mariners game…we lost:( But Tom was so stoked 🙂 It was a bummer, Nick was supposed to go with me but he had to try and get into a math class, so he flaked…but then it left room for Eric to come 🙂 We stayed till the eight inning and got home in time to shower and get to bed.

Over the weekend we ran errands and got stuff for our trip this week! We leave EARLY on Thursday morning and I think we have everything we need. Eric’s trip to Houston was cancelled last week (Ike hit Houston pretty hard), so now he is going to Baltimore right from AZ. I am going to fly by myself with the baby and then spend the week without my Eric. I think Cole and Sid and I will spend a few days with Nana and Papa just to change it up a bit!!

Next Wednesday Cole has his TWO month checkup ( a little late but ya know )!! I am excited to hear how he is doing.

The question of the day is if we cloth diaper while we are gone!! The only reason not to is the packing. The weather is going to be really warm (mid 90s) and his little toosh would surely enjoy the cloth but it is so much to bring with us!! We will see 🙂

Work is tough! I am not sure what we are going to do. I am thinking of childcare a few days a week so that I can get some work done! If I could just go in by myself three days a week I could get more work done than taking him in everyday of the week. Yesterday I was in the office from 11 to 6 and only clocked 2 hours total! It is a lot to try and take care of him and get work done. But I am not so sure how much I am willing to leave him…we will see.


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