Our update is coming in reverse 🙂

So Cole went to his first baseball game on Saturday the 6th. It was a Yankees game and we lost! The only game of the sweep and we lost 😦 Oh well, he has another go at a game on the 22nd against the Angels so we will see how we do.

Hm..Oh then Ian and Sarah came!! Cole and I got to spend an entire day with them! We walked around the lake, got some grub, chased by bees, ate and sweat, lounged around the house, laughed, cried, and overall had a GREAT day! I miss them so much. I hope that Cole gets to spend heaps of time with them as he grows up!

Eric took this terrible picture of Cole and I, but I had to show you how adorable his little outfit is!! Oh and did I tell you he now weighs over 11 lbs! He is becoming such a chunk! So now we are attempting to cut back on formula, totally doable.

Last but not least…last weekend Eric was on his way to the Houston and Nana and Papa (mom and tom) and I went on an adventure! Cole got to see the falls for the first time ( so pretty) Not sure if it is a good thing or not, but Eric’s trip has been moved, Ike hit Houston and the training was cancelled. We will now have to plan on him going a different time!! Here is a picture of the falls and Mom and Cole and I there.


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  1. how wonderful is this my grandson and my god daughter…. and she and Ian are Cole’s godmother and godfather.

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