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Last week went fairly well, some ups and some downs but our first full week at work seemed ok! I ended up working just about 20 hours! I am really really proud of myself-hahaha. Best of all, I am getting so much better at getting us out of the house and working while I am at work:) In fact, yesterday we had our last appointment at perinatal (sweet!) and we were early!!!

It is so fun having Cole around! He is getting so much bigger and is awake so much more often. He has found that he can make noise…which means louder cries, screams, and laughs and coos! I love it:) It makes me laugh so much, Eric and I sit around and stare at him. We sit around and talk to Cole and listen to his little stories and that is about as exciting as it gets around here!

Eric has joined the bowling league with Mom and Tom. So Cole and I are taking the bus over tonight to cheer him on! I put him in his tie-dye onsie and some overalls so that he fits in 🙂

Eric leaves a week from Sunday for a whole week! I am already getting nervous about doing everything by myself!!!! I hope it all goes well. And then we leave a few days later for Arizona! This month is crazy!!!


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