Cole is working on his modeling. Staring off into the distance

It is so tiring being adorable!

I love it when he smiles in his sleep. I hope he always does this.

My boys! Oh, by the way…So, Sid and Cole and I take the bus to work. I wear Cole in a front carrier and carry a diaper bag and Sid walks on his leash. But my poor Sid is used to being the baby, so our set up once we get on the bus…I sit, Cole is strapped to me, Sid sits on the little bit of my lap that is left and the bag squishes in! Yeah, Sid is still the baby too 🙂

Honestly, I have no words. I love my life!


2 thoughts on “

  1. I didn’t notice it was Sid that Cole is leaning on until the last photo. That has to be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Two weeks until I meet this little prince. Couting down the minutes…

  2. SO CUTE KATY! The b+w pictures are fantastic, and capture his good looks wonderfully, and the dog? they’re best friends, so precious.

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