So, today is Wednesday and I started work on Monday. Monday I worked for 5 hours and yesterday for 4, today I reckon it will be closer to 4. Mind you that all has about 1 and a half hours of commute time tacked on. Cole has been really really good! I was super worried about him being a noisy baby (totally normal) and disrupting the peeps in the office. My boss told me to forget about it, nobody here cares 🙂 Cole gets to be held a ton of the time he is here!! Both by me and by the people I work with!! They love him.

Me on the other hand, I am having a hard time! It is hard getting out of the house. Mind you I fully understand that I have it so easy! I know that people have to be at work on time! That people have more kids to get ready! But for me, this is tough. I feel like we wake up, I feed him, change him, dress him, he sleeps, I get dressed, pack everything up for our day, take out the dog, feed the cat, and he wakes up, I feed him, change him, get him to sleep, then I get him all wrapped up and FINALLY two and a half hours later we are out the door! Then we bus, we walk, we get to work, I feed him, change him, clock in, check email, get him to sleep…and so the day goes! It is crazy! I feel like when I am at work I should be working so he lays down almost all day and I don’t breastfeed him because it takes longer. Then we get home and I should be starting dinner but all I want to do is feed him and sit with him! So I do and then we don’t eat till 8:30 because Eric doesn’t get home till 7! I know it will take time, but right now-I kinda just want to take my baby sit in a corner and cry for 10 minutes 🙂

Just so you know…my baby makes the cutest faces ever!! This morning while waiting for the bus we just smiled and cooed at each other!!! So fun, so fun!

We booked our flights for Arizona yesterday. We are going from Thursday to Sunday next month. It will be the first time Cole and I have met any of Eric’s family!!! I am nervous but so excited!! I am even more stoked because we thought we were flying on different flights but turns out…we are all together!!! We were going to bring Sid, but now we are thinking we will leave him with Nick ( Nick always wants to take him so it gives him a few days to realize he doesn’t want a dog 🙂 )

I have some pictures on my computer at home that I need to put up…maybe tomorrow I will do that!!



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