Our baby boy is finally getting bigger!!! Yeah Cole! He still is not up to his birth weight but he is gaining well now. I was quite nervous, and very unhappy about having to use a bottle. But hopefully we can stop the bottles this next week!!

It is so fun to watch him change and grow! He is awake a lot more now, looking around and making eye contact a bit. It makes me all excited to watch him and see him change. It is amazing, as he grows I begin to realize more and more that he is a human and soon he will have a personality and opinions! He is such a good baby, he is not overly fussy or upset and he seems to be content!!

Eric has started work at the new job, it is a very different schedule for us. He leaves for work at about 4:50am and gets home around 6pm. It is a long day but it is also a long day for me! I wonder how people have babies on their own! Yesterday Cole and I had appointments in Ballard at 10:30 so we were out of the house at 9:30 (no car makes appointments last quite a bit longer) then we cleaned the house, went to the grocery store, came home on the bus with six bags of groceries, we ate and ate and ate (he needs to grow!) and then made dinner. Eric got home showered and ate and then at 9 Cole and I were getting to bed. It is a lot! I am thankful that I am not alone and that others have done this before me, helps me realize we can do it and that it is possible!

It makes me miss home, having a baby and knowing that there are so many great friends back home with kids. It is hard everyday to be here and not there. Friends like I have back home are not replaceable. I can’t wait to find myself some moms to hang out with!!!


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