Things I have learned since last time…

1. I freak out all the time! I used to think I was fairly calm, ya know go with the flow, yeah I was wrong. I freak out and stress out and all that goes along with stuff like that!

2. Labor is better than being pregnant, and not being able to sleep because you have to feed someone is way better than not being able to sleep because the alien in your stomach is trying to escape! I will take babies over pregnancy any day!

3. You can survive on not enough sleep! It just creates more of lesson #1. And napping mid day is not the same as sleeping for 8 hours at night 🙂

4. This type of love can not be manufactured! From the first second the love that I have felt for this adorable baby boy has been overwhelming and like nothing I have ever even heard of.

5. With knowledge comes accountability and a standard that does not exist with ignorance. My desire to look into everything and learn as much as I can before I make decisions about this little man has created a standard that I hope I can hold myself to. It leads to questions, and long searches for answers and even more so it leads to greatly questioning the authorities.

6. I have learned that I am happier than I have ever been and would be perfectly ok if this is as happy as I ever get!!!! I can’t believe that I am actually holding, right now!, this baby that I was told I could most likely never have!!

7. I have also learned that Eric is amazing! Not just as Eric but as a dad! He is more helpful and involved than I could have ever dreamed!! Dishes are done and dogs are walked and babies are changed at 5am without being asked, and I am thankful! So, so thankful!!

We are doing well, there is alot of adjusting and learning but overall we are doing great! My body is bouncing back like a champ, I am moving and a shakin like I was 10 months ago 🙂 Cole is having a hard time adjusting to the “charts” He seems to think he doesn’t need to gain any weight, he thinks he can just keep getting longer! So, because of his little bony body we are having to feed like crazy!!! Along with lots of food we are going to the doctor every three days! It is alot of work but Cole needs more calories, QUICK!! As for now, nobody is worried that it is anything more than a matter of calories, no issues with his body or his stomach or anything like that, thankfully!!!

I am thinking of going back to work part time starting next week!! Cole and I will be busing ourselves downtown a few days a week to work a bit!! Eric will start his new job on Monday, yeah!! We will see how this new schedule works and adjust as we go! Easing back into a normal life 😉

Hope all is well with ya’ll!!!!


2 thoughts on “

  1. Hooray for chores completed without asking! Way to go, Eric.

    It makes me smile thinking about all of you. Love you more than you know.

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