Today is day 6! He is almost a whole week old! We have already gone to one dr appointment, made it to the farmers market, visited the office, and had family dinner! He has slept, pooped, cried, wiggled, and eaten…along with made us smile, cry, and fall in love with him!

We ended up having to do THREE jaundice heel pricks, but he is fine! And he is doing great. He seems to be adjusting well to eating and such and is becoming more and more aware. The sun makes him sleep, the pup loves him, and the lack of sleep isn’t getting to me yet 🙂

I think the craziest part is when I think that Skylar and Miles are a year old! Just one year. And next year this time, Cole will be a year old!!! I want to really really enjoy this time of having him so small, so new. It is such a small bit of time. So crazy!!

On another note…my diabetes is totally under control still ( and was thru the whole labor) I am not even using any medication at this point!!! This could all change along with each of the hormonal changes my body is going thru, but for now…I am FREE 🙂 I love it!

Today is Eric’s first day back at work. He is sad, he had a hard time leaving this morning. I can only imagine how tough it would be to leave this adorable little Cole. Today, Cole and I are going to clean up the house a little, take the pup for a little walk, go get some vitamins, and then go get Eric and go to yet another doctors appointment. I am thankful that he is able to leave a little early, I was worried about getting the the doctor on my own 🙂 Hehehe.

I really really can’t wait for you all to meet him!! I am going to take him this week to have his picture taken…I will post them when I get them! I am sure they will be the cutest EVER 🙂


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