We made it home!! Yeah! We were told at 9am on the 16th that I was ready and we just had to wait for the baby to be checked out! Finally at 2:30 we were out the door! I was SO ready to go! Not a huge fan of hospitals plus we had been there for four days already!

We were admitted on Sunday night to start the process of getting my body ready. I had been dilated at 1cm for two weeks and that needed to change before we could get Cole out 🙂 At about 9 we started meds and that went on for almost 24 hours. I was on the machine for two and a half hours and then allowed to move around and then back on again! It was boring to say the least. The drugs did not seem to be doing much my little body was not budging and at about 6pm on Monday the doctors were deciding what to do. I could only have one more dose of the meds they were giving me, so decision time had come. While they were deciding our fate, my body took over 🙂 At 6:30, while Eric and I were laying in the bed and mom and tom were sitting in the chair, my water broke! Yucky 🙂 But fantastic none the less! Contractions started to get intense right away and now the doctors had their answer as to what to do! We were going to let my body do its job! FANTASTIC! Well, at 11:00pm my body still wasn’t doing much! I was only at 3cm and contractions were about 1 to two minutes apart. I only had 24 hours to get that baby out due to the fact that my water broke!

At 11:00pm they started me on Pit. My body hated it! My contractions were one right on top of the other! I couldn’t move because they had to monitor the baby and my blood pressure and such so I was stuck laying on my side in bed! Every few seconds Eric had to push on my back and when he started getting tired my nurse stepped in. At 2:30am, I was spent! There was no break between contractions and if there was, it was short and followed by an INTENSE one 😉 (kinda like the waves at the beach) So at 3am I had the epidural. I cried and freaked out but in the end I think it was all we could do. My cervix didn’t get to 9 cm till about 8am! Eric and I both got to rest a little and I still felt the contractions, they were just bearable.

At 10am we tried seeing how I was at pushing. I am a pro 🙂 So at about 10:20 I began moving our baby out!! Then at 11:54am he was born!!!!!!! Makes me all teary just thinking about it! It was the most amazing experience of my life! He was not HUGE just big. His sugars and bp and all that jazz were all wonderful! Mine were too! Thru the whole thing I was totally within my blood sugar range!! (good to know for next time)

He ate, took a bath, napped, and became the love of my life in all of about a second 🙂

As for our first night at home…it is so comforting to be at home! Sid is so happy to have us back and is obsessed with Cole, he follows us everywhere and wants to sleep right up against him. Cole ate at 11pm and 2am and 7am. He woke up with two wet diapers in the middle of the night and a little upset tummy. But all in all, I feel great! Eric was out of the house, coffee in hand, at 6:30 this morning and doing great as well! It is overwhelming all that goes into a baby. All the unknowns, all the stuff! The lack of sleep is sure to catch up with us but for now….I LOVE IT!

We can’t wait to have Cole meet you!!!!!! And you should be SO excited to meet him, he is so cute!!!


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