We are being admitted to the hospital on Sunday the 13Th at 5pm. We will begin with some drugs to help “ripen” my cervix and then move on to the induction about 12 hours later.

I tried to put it off, my body is still exactly where it was two weeks ago and I am so sure that the ultrasound could not be accurate enough to cause too much worry but the Dr. was right when she said that although my situation is unique and my body has handled this pregnancy like a champ…things can still go wrong so why push it πŸ™‚

I like the fact that I can be sure the sheets are clean and that the floors are swept and mopped, I like that I can prep everything at the house instead of flying out the door! But I am still anxious about these decisions, anxious about putting my baby in the hands of these doctors who don’t really care what we want. But in the end, I am just excited to have a HEALTHY baby! Cole is doing great in there! He is moving around a ton and his little heart is pumping that blood just as good as ever!

We are hoping to avoid drugs sill (pain meds) Hoping to be given the assistance and Patience it takes to let the labor take a slower course, but we understand that we are losing a bit of that. We are really hoping to avoid a section! The doctors know that I am very concerned with how these procedures effect the % of women who end up in surgery. Wish us luck πŸ™‚

Pictures of our Baby boy to come!!!!!


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