The last few weeks have been crazy! I measured my belly two fridays ago and it was 41 inches…today it is 43 inches! That is huge!

We had a shower with the family and some friends and it was so nice! The Teranishi’s and Willhoit girls came and stayed with us for a few days and reminded me how much I miss my friends back home! They also reminded me how much I like my space šŸ™‚ We have gotten so much great baby stuff, yet there is still so much we need! It is overwhelming trying to figure out what we REALLY need and how in the world we are going to make all of this stuff fit in our weee little apartment.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a new doctor. After last weeks appointment it was confirmed that Baby Cole and I are doing great! So, we decided that we wanted to find a doctor who had a better idea of what we want from this birth and who also realized the health situation that I am in. We found her :)! And are so excited! She has had two babies naturally and had gestational diabetes with both, so she has an idea of what is going on with my body!!! Also that means we will be delivering at a different hospital. That is a very very good thing because the one we were at (Swedish First Hill) doesn’t see many if any natural births and now at Swedish Ballard they often do! And they have great tubs there for labor šŸ™‚

On Sunday night Cole dropped. Basically he now is sitting low in my pelvis getting himself ready for his journey into the world. It is a step towards the big day but can happen as early as 3 weeks before labor starts, so that doesn’t really mean much other than that my body and Cole are preparing šŸ˜‰

I have had a hard time sleeping, not that that is a new thing, and have been waking up well before the alarm goes off in the morning. Yesterday I got up and made Eric breakfast before he was even out of bed! And today I talked him into getting up and walking around the lake with me (he is so great). We walked with Sid and chatted and it was so beautiful outside, such a great way to start the day! At one point (between the fields and the playhouse) I had to sit down. Too much crampy contractions to make it all the way…but after a few minutes we were on our way!

Overall, if I had to explain how I am feeling, I am stressed and anxious and ready to meet him! Yet at the same time, I need more time and am so nervous it is crazy šŸ™‚ I just kinda want to get it over with, hahhahaha.


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  1. It seems like yesterday that Ian and I were talking to you on the phone and you told us you were pregnant!

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