Life is crazy, and I don’t even have Cole yet but fully understand why Jenna said she didn’t have time to check my blog! There is just so much to do and sleep has to come in to play somewhere!!

Friday was crazy! We had our last ultrasound! It was the one that was going to confirm that the little tyke isn’t too big! And low and behold, he is perfect. It is so funny..they told us he is 5.5 lbs (no idea why they think I believe them) and that according to the computer that would put him at 7lb 13 oz. at birth. Hahaha, I don’t really believe it but totally am so happy that he isn’t too big 🙂 We also saw that he has HUGE lips 🙂 and according to the lady who did the ultrasound it looks like he has no hair!!!! I find this hard to believe as well, but time will tell.

After that we saw the doctor and everything is going great!!! I am still under the 30lb weight gain mark, my sugars are like a normal person, both of our hearts are doing fantastic, and now we just wait to have our perfect little Cole!! After the doctor we went and babysat Bob’s kids for a few hours and then took him his car….but when we got to work to drop off Bob’s car there was a surprise… YEAH!!…a baby shower 🙂 I was so taken by surprise it was perfect!!! We stayed and had boobie cupcakes and broke a pinata and opened presents and chatted!!! Then it was hope to take the pooch out (poor guy was home for almost 12 hours all by himself) Then off to Bradley class. We had class from 7-930pm 😦 But it ended up being a great class and Eric and I both learned a TON!! We did all sorts of positions and situations and asked questions and tried different techniques, it was so good!!

All in all Friday was great! Now we just have to get our house in order so we can have company next weekend for our other Shower. It is rad, getting all excited for Cole to come play!!

Oh, so I am due the 21st but they are thinking it will be earlier, I am huge 🙂 So this pick is somewhere between 34 and 35 weeks 🙂



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  1. You look wonderful! Big lips and no hair, huh? I have some friends that had an ultrasound and were told/saw that their daughter had a huge nose…she has a little tiny button nose!

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