So, this one is just about 30 weeks! HOLY HANNA! Can you believe Cole is due in just TEN weeks! It is amazing. Someone just the other day said…”gosh Katy it seems like you have been pregnant so long” …Yeah, thanks! Our baby class was cancelled this week, but we weren’t too sad. We spent our time at the farmers market getting yummy organic local eggs and walking around. It was so nice. I know that for me these times with just Eric and I are really nice. The times we get out without the dog and before this baby is out of the belly are truly important and soon to be nonexistent!!

I had another doctors appointment on Friday, it was the first one I went to alone! It is silly that both of us go, it is the same thing ever time!! The best is that Cole is doing so well!! He is in the 46Th percentile!! His little heart is doing great and my body is doing wonderfully with this pregnancy. My A1C(the test that averages out the sugar in my blood over a three month time frame) is like a normal persons!! If he keeps staying the right size and my body keeps being good we are going to still be able to have the birth we want, crossing our fingers!!

Did I mention that a few weeks ago we went and registered. Well we did, and I almost had a panic attack! Eric thought I was crazy, but I had a really hard time with the reality of it all! I think it may have been the first time I really freaked out. We got thru the first night and then the next day tried again. Eric was super supportive and I stayed calm and we got it all done in two days! GO KATY!! Target and Babies R Us, gross! Don’t ever do it, just go online and leave the scanie scan thing to the people who like to shop. Hahhahahahaha.


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