I fell on my backside yesterday, Saturday, and I got pretty bruised up. I put the picture in here but might take it down because it is kinda gross! I can’t believe how hard I fell! Eric and I were leaving our Bradley class and somehow I slipped down the stairs, it happened so fast I didn’t even try and stop myself. Right to the floor on my toosh! I cried and Eric was scared but we figured it was ok. About three hours later I was getting nervous, Cole wasn’t moving as much as normal and although we tried to tell ourselves it was ok, I was not comfortable. So we called the doctor and they had us go down to triage on the LnD floor at the hospital. Everyone was super nice and it was so quiet they hooked us up to a fetal monitor right away! Cole sounded great and began moving around like the little ragamuffin that he is and we left about 30 minutes later knowing our little boy was fine!! I am supposed to try and not fall anymore, but come on, it is hard to see over this belly šŸ™‚

Our baby class is going really well! We are learning a ton. We watched a video of a women giving birth, she was amazingly calm and her husband was so supportive! It was so interesting to watch her progress. But then they thought they should zoom in on the head crowning, and ya know…I just don’t need to see that! The Doctor was telling her to watch and all, and all I could think was…I do not need to see that! NO THANK YOU! I will be so stoked he is coming out but not so stoked on watching it-not for me šŸ™‚

We had a really good weekend though. On Friday I worked half day and Eric had the day off, we ran around doing errands and getting stuff done! Saturday was crazy with class and the hospital but we also went and saw Baby Mama, it was funny!! Then today we made breakfast and went to the farmers market and then took a walk and I am making lasagna (I have never done this before so I hope it turns out ok)!! I love when the weather is nice and we have nothing to do but enjoy it!

We bought Cole an adorable hat today šŸ™‚ I am so excited for him to get here!!! I just keep wondering about what he will look like and what his little personality will be like. It is fascinating to think that the kicking inside my belly is a human with thoughts and feelings and desires and questions, I just hope that we are ready to give up enough of ourselves to make his life amazing!!

Much love šŸ™‚

ps. Eric mowed the lawn today…he is such a Man šŸ™‚ I love it!!


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