Happy April!! Soon it will be spring for real and it will be wonderful 😉 I can hardly wait for the sun to come and for the days to grow longer.

The last week has been crazy! Keith was in town and then mom and Tom and Nick were here! It is always so nice to have people in town, but it also makes work so tough! We have been pushin’ to make our hours at work and now that it is a new month we are getting back into the swing of things.

Last weekend Eric and I started our Bradley classes and I think we are going to really learn a lot! I am excited for a few reasons, one being that it is giving us the knowledge we need to have the birth experience that we want and the other that it means Cole is coming soon!! Eric asks just about every day when Cole is coming 😉 We are getting excited, although I think that we really need these next few months to prepare for this little sweet pea.

Mom said that I look great 😉 She also said that I look really really tired. So I suppose she noticed that sleep isn’t quite as easy as it used to be 😉 I try but there are things to do and my big belly makes getting cozy a little more difficult. The little baby in my belly is so very active! He is a jumping bean! All day, at night, in the morning, pretty much all the time. Eric thinks my big belly is super cute, hehehe.

Eric is making bread and I am resting. tonight we are going to our friend Natalie’s for dinner. Life is good! We are great, we are learning a lot about each other and overall I feel that this experience is amazing! Life changing! So So Exciting!!


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