Today was another day of Doctors appointments! We had a heart echo done on the baby. His little heart is perfect and he is the perfect size 🙂 It was fascinating to see the blood going in and out of each of the parts of the heart and to see his ribs and his spine! He was so good too! He moved when he needed to and he was still when he needed to. Next we were off to our OB doctor. My sugars are perfect and Coles head is the same size as his head!!! Normally with diabetics the abdomen gets quite large causing the doctors to want to c-section due to complications of delivering a baby like that, but our little Cole is proportionate!! GO COLE. The third appointment was for me to have a retina scan done. My eyeballs are a bit abnormal from the diabetes but nothing that is going to make me blind 🙂 I have to go back in 3 months, right before Cole is born, to have them rechecked. Oh and due to that glorious appointment I got to spend my whole day squinting and with a headache! SCORE!

After all that we went and picked up Keith from the airport. Then kickball practice and walking 1/2 way around Greenlake home in the rain! OH OH OH and…snowy rain! What a day!!

I guess it would help if I told you what the pictures are..the first is a profile of his head the next two are a foot and a hand!! Our little Sweet Pea is getting so big.


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