One of Eric’s books says that at about 4 months he should be able to put his head to my belly and hear the babies heart beat. He has been trying for months! But, just as the nurse said, it won’t work! In his last ditch effort he tried again yesterday morning. We were just waking up and he put his ear to my belly and not two seconds later Cole kicked him in the head. He sat up quick! And exclaimed- HE KICKED ME! Then tried again, low and behold KICK! We laughed so so hard!

Right now I think we are entering into the HOLY HANNA phase of pregnancy! Everything is becoming so very real. It is causing both of us to look at where we are and how the heck all of this is going to change our lives. It is amazing how different things are about to become, and hard to know how we will cope. As I told Jenna, I am trying right now to be as selfish as possible because this is the last chance I have!

Hurry up Cole!!


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