Here is Eric in our new kitchen 🙂 He is making me dinner after a walk around the lake 😉 Wonderful! The next picture is of me tonight, at 20 weeks. My belly just seems to keep growning! Although my tummy is still upset I seemed to have gained another 4 pounds! I am so glad, because the doctors are going to let me just deal instead of adding more meds.

Our doctors appointment went well, I am progressing like a normal person and Cole is 23 cm now. My sugars are perfect!! I am still planning on having a Ecco done on Cole at the end of the month as well as a retinal scan for myself. But I have been assured neither are terribly invasive. I have expressed my desire to have NO drugs! At all! They know that unless it is truly necessary I want no induction and no IV! All of that could change of course if my body and Cole decide not to follow the same plan that I am thinking…and the details can not be determined until really close to my due date!!

Eric and I are passionate about bringing Cole into this world without drugs and anxiety! We are going to do what we can to help make that happen 🙂 So, for now…I am trying to stay active and healthy!! Eating well and moving around:) Listening to good music and reading as much as we can.


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