So, I just don’t think I did that right and now I have no idea what order these pictures are in….so a little explanation…one is feet one is legs 🙂 I love that one! one is the face profile and the other one is showing the goods!

Can you tell what it is??

Oh come on! Eric guessed in like 2.2 seconds!

It is a little BOY!!! Yeah!! Oh and please don’t ever tell him I posted his little package on the internet, I am sure it is illegal in like 40 states 😉

We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves! Our family needs a girl but I guess now is not the time! Come on Sarah, you can do it! wink wink! We changed our name a little and I am sure it will change some more, but the whole idea of being able to call the baby a He or Cole sounds so much more real than he/she or baby or thing in my tummy. So fun, so fun.

The ultrasound says that the little tike is growing perfect! He is just the right size has all his fingers and toes and his little heart and brain look wonderful! We did make an appointment to have a heart Echo done in a few weeks just to make sure that everything is ok.

As for me, I am feeling ok. The last few days have been tough, I am not sure if I have been fighting getting sick or what, but I am feeling better now than last weekend!! I gained another pound, and am slowly getting more frustrated with looking frumpy but I guess it comes with the territory! If you have any ideas for how to feel more pretty let me know 🙂 🙂 Although, Eric will kill me when he reads that..sorry Honey Bean 🙂

Today we also dropped off my “engagement” ring to have it sized! I can’t wait to put it on my finger 🙂 (it is amazing how getting engaged makes me feel like such a girl!!)


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