Happy Valentine’s day!

Tomorrow is nearly here and the anticipation of finding the sex of the baby is killing me 🙂 I hope I can get some sleep!

As for today…Eric asked me to marry him this evening. And I said YES!!! He is so cute! I have said that I want to use my grandmas ring as a wedding ring so the box was empty but he had a box from the jeweler anyhow. I was so excited! I thought the box was truffles so it totally caught me off guard.

I don’t know what we will do about a “wedding”. The options are endless…I mean Hawaii, Elvis, BBQ…anything could happen! As for now lets just try and get thru this week 🙂



One thought on “

  1. Congratulations!!!!!!
    Angela just hooked me up to your site. This is great!
    She also just told me the sex of the baby (hope that was okay).
    So excited for you both.
    Hope you are starting to feel better.
    I think you look awesome.
    Love, Kim

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