I keep forgetting people read this thing…sorry 🙂

Last Sunday I went out and…heaven forbid…bought some prego pants and a belly band. It happened so fast, one day Angela was commenting that I am not showing and then on Wednesday I woke up and realized that the baby in my belly wasn’t going to be a secret anymore! I have gained 8 pounds, pretty much all of it in the belly.

Tuesday and Wednesday I spent in Doctors appointments. I now am partially robot! I have an insulin pump and hopefully it helps me regulate my sugars even more. As for now we are working out the kinks, trying to figure out exactly what I need, and I am trying to get used to inserting the IV type thingie. But on a totally different doctors appointment on Wednesday Eric and I heard the baby’s heartbeat!!! 140 beats a minute all swooshie and such. People always say it is so amazing to hear the heartbeat, and I am not sure if it is just because it is the first thing they hear to know the baby is really there or what, but I wasn’t impressed. I know I know, that sounds terrible! But we have already seen the heartbeat and have seen her/him moving around and all her/his legs and arms and her little nose so hearing a heartbeat was kinda a given. But it is still cool 🙂

We are looking at an apartment this weekend in the Greenlake area, right on the major bus lines. We are excited to move and have our own space. Mostly it will give me a chance to start nesting!!! Such a great excuse to get everything overly organized!!!

We love you!!


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  1. Good luck with the apartment. Green Lake would be a great place to show off those prego pants! Love and miss you both.

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