Today Eric worked and I went to Gordy and Tanya’s to watch the football game. You know how I love football…well actually I just love hanging out with the family 🙂 It was nice to get out of the house. Sid and I went to a new store my work opened and then headed to the house on our way home. I have been feeling pretty sick the last few days and it is tough because I don’t want to eat but my body gets so mad at me when I don’t! So I do some forced eating but overall I have been running on really low sugars, which doesn’t help when I am not feeling well! They say that most women feel better after this week, but mom says “good luck”! I have never hoped she was wrong as much as I do now. It would be nice to not always be checking where the nearest place to vomit is.

I was so wrong about finding out the sex of the baby! So everything is formed but they can’t tell via ultrasound for another few weeks so our ultrasound appointment is on the 15th of February!! Woot Woot!! But they are still having us come in a lot! We have appointments every other week! It is a lot of bus riding that’s for sure! But better safe than sorry!

The last appointment was so great! Eric and I both feel that it gave us a bit more peace about the health of the baby and made it all seem a bit more real. It is still hard to believe this is really happening. The doctor also let us know that as long as things keep going the way they are that we can have a natural birth!! That makes me feel so much better, it was crazy thinking that nothing could go how I want it to and having some options makes me feel so much better.

Overall, I guess I just feel pregnant! I am in love and having a baby and it is all very exciting and scary and overwhelming! So much life change! I hope I am ready 🙂 🙂


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