This is totally our baby!! Isn’t she/he so cute?! We went in on Friday the fourth and our baby was like a little buckin’ bronco. Or perhaps a breeching whale. Either way, the little tyke is alive and well. I was ridiculously excited when she/he made its first little push with its feet and then slid back down along the amniotic sack wall. It was like a party for the baby. Then of course all the moving stops right when the sonographer needs the baby to move the most. Go figure. And as you can see, the baby has a huge head so it’s already taking after Katy and I. Tell us if y’all see any neat cloud formations in the pictures.

This is Eric, not Katy.


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  1. He totally looks like you katy! Skinny legs and butt and a big head. We are so excited for you guys! My bet is that it is a boy, only because miles and him will be bff. We miss you both and wish we could be there sharing these moments with you. It is the most exciting yet scary time. PS. I don’t appreciate the comment about me never checking your blog. Just wait till your baby is here and see how many blogs you can check! love you! Jenna and Teppei

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