Good morning!!

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new year and quite an exciting year ahead for us. I don’t know, this is alot of pressure. Whatever just write! We have another Dr. apt today and then three more on Friday!! There is a little ity bitty chance we could find the sex of the baby on Friday!! Isn’t that exciting! We might get to start buying cute little baby stuff. I might get to start carving a bassinet out of a solid block of wood!! With all your free time I am sure that will be so easy 🙂 But I am so excited to be able to start buying stuff and calling her/him by a name!! So fun! That will be so fun but I hope that it is a boy so that I can win 15 bucks and smoke a cigar! (I can’t actually carve a bassinet out of a solid block of wood) Just to fill you all in…Eric’s friend Justin had us bet on gender, I picked a girl Eric got stuck with a boy but the winner gets 15 bucks and a boy or girl cigar, but Eric gets the cigar either way. And a Beer, glad I am not pregnant! HA! Ha, glad you are sleeping on the couch tonight! Have fun with the cat!

OK, so I feel like I am pregnant, just queasy and sore but nothing unusual. Our appointment today is to get the paperwork started for an insulin pump. I am hoping it will assist with keeping my sugars even better! so you don’t have a 15 lb baby yeah, not such a fun idea! Yesterday I signed us up for Bradley classes but they won’t start for a few more months! I am excited to start preparing to have the baby!!!

Anything else? I am excited to have a baby! And a new puppy when the baby is 4. good luck honey 😉

Peace Out!


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