Ok, it has been a few weeks but we have been quite busy!! The holidays are coming so quick and trying to get everything together while taking care of the fetus is just crazy!!!

Friday I was admitted to the hospital during our first visit to the Dr. He wanted to keep a close eye on me and try and regulate my blood sugar and blood pressure levels! Thankfully my stay only lasted two days and this morning they let me go!! It was scary but I feel like they were just being extra cautious, which is ok with me.

The visit to the Dr. was great though!! We got to see an ultrasound of the baby, saw the heartbeat!!! We also found that she/he is growing well, the placenta is great and the process is moving along great! We also confirmed that we are 8 1/2 weeks along, which is what we thought.

Overall, we are trying to keep me healthy. It is more work than for a “normal” person but we are sure we can do this! We also have picked a bible verse for the baby…1 Peter 5:7 but that whole bit is pretty amazing and true to our situation.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!!



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