Yesterday and today have been the craziest days of my life. Things I had never thought possible are happening and it truely is like a dream ( the teary eyes help with the foggy look! ). Where to begin…We are pregnant! Yes, a baby is on the way! And although it is so early our joy is overwhelming at just the thought!

Last week I felt as if something was wrong, I stopped taking my medication and waited. Then on Wednesday I realized that my cycle was very past due. At Jenna’s insitance Eric and I went and bought a pregnancy test at Safeway. Obviously this thought process was no good, who wants to find something like this out while at work! Needless to say, it was positive! Eric and I then had to quietly sit through the rest of our work day….tourture! The next day we went to the dr. and Dr. Chan informed us that we were pregnant!!! After all the medical stuff we were off. Now, we just have to find a specialist willing to work with us. It is scary but we are so excited!


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