I saw this on someones blog and I thought it was a fun idea…and I thought it would take a ton of time to do…lets see how it goes.

1. My birthday is on a 22nd, and my husbands birthday is on a 22nd, and my moms birthday is on a 22nd!
2. I wish I had stayed in Ethiopia for another year, maybe someday
3. I really want to adopt a baby someday, I want a West African Baby and Eric wants an American baby…we both have very very convincing reasons
4. I only wanted to have a girl so that I could dress her up and do her hair…I don’t even do that to myself
5. I was supposed to live in the early to mid 1900’s, because of this I listen to the music from that era to make me feel “at home”
6. If I stay inside for more than two days in a row I go nuts, I am not a nice person
7. I recently realized that I had about 10 knitting projects on needles…I “frogged” them all. I start too much and finish next to nothing
8. When I lived by the beach we had Center Stage in the vcr for about three months straight…every time I came in someone was watching it…I know the movie by heart
9. I will make my boys take ballet classes, hahaha, no I am serious
10. I don’t eat ice cream unless Eric prepares it for me..one because it keeps me from eating it ALL the time and two because I really like waiting in bed for ice cream
11. I have one tattoo that I regret. Someday it will be gone or hidden or something
12. I want a farm so bad it hurts
13. I have two girlfriends and five guy friends and none that live close enough..I hang out with my family ALL the time..I love my family
14. My kids will NEVER have a mohawk while living under my roof!!
15. I am a closet hoarder…please help me if I ever start saving newspapers
16. In highschool I was a total nerd, not like the nose in a book kind but the weird kid who doesn’t quite fit in kind
17. I used to dye my hair all different colors…but now I am just me, I think I am just going to let it go gray (for now, until it does, and then I am sure I will change my mind)
18. I don’t have a dresser, my undergarments are in a basket on the floor of my closet along with my pjs
19. we don’t have a tv, and I am getting more and more ok without the food network
20. if I could be anything…there are like 40 things I would be…that might be why I do nothing
21. I suck at sewing because I am too lazy to cut out the pattern properly
22. my cat is very fat and very black, I love fat cats because they don’t get on the counter! Cats on the counter gross me out
23. i hate cleaning the bathroom
24. i love clean sheets, and taking a shower right before bed
25. I want a rocking chair, and a porch
26. Sometimes I miss my friends so much that I want to go home…and then I remember how much I hate home and I remember I never want to move back!
27. I am obsessed with crafts…I look at them more than I do them
28. I got married on Friday the 13th
29. I was a vegetarian for almost three years…I could easily do it again
30. When our dog was a puppy we wore him in a sling (we walked a lot and he is a long dog…he would get all wet…it was easier to keep him off the ground…I should stop justifying it-it was dumb-I know)
31. I hate surprises! Well, I hate knowing about them, I don’t mind getting them:)
32. My dream car is a minivan…always has been
33. When my grandma died I accepted who I am. I miss her. She said what she thought, I admire that.
34. I just met my biological father this year
35. My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla, then green mint chocolate chip and then coffee
36. I admire people who create things…music/art/dance/theater/you name it
37. my husband is amazing
38. the next place on my list is Peru
39. I don’t have a favorite color, but I like neutral a lot
40. my top five would have billy, thom, ella, and damien … not sure who the fifth would be but I am sure it might me a Dave G. – I think my deep hate for Dave M. is what made my husband fall in love with me
41. I could probably wear black every day and be ok with that
42. My diaper bag is always a mess
43. so is my car
44. i love olives..especially from the bottom of an all gone gray goose martini, mmmm that sounds good
45. I didn’t drink before I turned 21
46. I didn’t kiss before I turned 23
47. i contradict myself all the time, i hate admitting that
48. sometimes I use the keyboard properly and sometimes I could care less….I am like that with a lot of things
49. I am no a germaphobe…it might be to a fault, or it is just ok
50. I love target
51. I want to live abroad with my kids
52. I don’t open forwards in my email…infact I think I hate them (unless it is something I asked for)
53. I suck a video games, really at anything that needs hand eye coordination
54. I really like being right
55. sometimes I can be a total jerk, but that is ok, right?
56. I have more medical issues that you would think…I get bitter about it sometimes, then I remember it could be worse
57. Someday I might steal Jenna’s house…please don’t tell her it was me
58. I love getting treats for my husband…it makes me smile when I know he will like something ( I wonder if I am projecting what I want myself…hmmm )
59. I like to read, A LOT! I like to read about everything…and even about nothing…I just like it
60. I am an angry driver, I am trying to be better, I get really angry when someone is in the carpool lane going 50mph!
61. In high school I took Ceramics for three years…I miss it a lot, I should do it again
62. If we had the means we would live very self sufficiently…I am a big fan of the urban homestead
63. I very very rarely mop the kitchen floor
64. My hair only gets washed about twice a week
65. A dodge caravan was my first car…it was great
66. I love jewelery but I very rarely wear more than my wedding ring
67. my dog hates when I put clothes on him…sometimes I put my kids clothes on him just to get a laugh
68. fall is my favorite time of year
69. I love project runway
70. I own like 13 pairs of heels, I haven’t worn any in years…and even then I so very rarely wore them, but I can’t get rid of them
71. My brother bit me through a jean skirt and made me bleed…it was a long time ago, I have forgiven him:)
72. I could eat burritos and tacos EVERY day
73. I got bit by a bug in Ethiopia and half my face swelled up for a day or so, it was not attractive
74. I almost hit a deer once, but I didn’t
75. I can sleep through take off and landing in an airplane
76. I can’t get the ammonia smell out of our cloth diapers…so i use disposable…this makes me so very very sad
77. I think that taking out the trash is a mans job, I feel guilty if I don’t make my husband dinner when he gets home from work-he doesn’t care, I do.
78. I would wear canvas shoes all year round if it weren’t for the rain, I love light weight shoes
79. My favorite style of home is craftsman, my dream is a turn of the century bungalow
80. I used to hate birds, now I am drawn to them in art…I love them now, but we will NEVER have one! unless it is a chicken or something like that
81. I love the dia de los muertos art but I think that the skull art fad is lame
82. I think people go crazy when they live too far away from a body of water
83. I love southern food!!
84. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
85. I don’t mind doing laundry but I hate folding it and putting it away
86. This has taken me three days to do
87. i use a mac and I love it, I want a new one!
88. I secretly want to be Martha Stewart…I really like her
89. if I could afford it, all of my pictures would be taken on a polaroid camera
90. I miss working, but I don’t think I am ready to go back full time
91. wahoo’s is my favorite restaurant
92. I don’t spend time in the sun without sunscreen, I learned my lesson a long time ago…I will NEVER be tan, or anything other than ghostly white
93. I think kids in glasses are too much, I just want to eat them up
94. going to the bathroom and taking a shower are not useful ways of using ones time..yet I do them both all the time
95. my friends are very talented, I am jealous
96. I think that our medical system needs reform but I am not sure that we are looking at it the right way
97. my memories are limited, my dr tells me it is normal…I am not so sure about that
98. I am afraid of not living my life to its fullest
99. milk grosses me out if I think about it
100. I am happy where I am right now


One thought on “100…

  1. I’m going to take the time to tell you all the ones I loved, enjoyed, or share w/you!
    #100, I think my life is a dream sometimes; #93!, #92, duh!, 87 – who doesn’t love a mac?, 85, it’s easy to throw it in the washer, I know!, 77, I don’t take the trash out, 66, I love jewelry, but no longer wear my wedding ring, I need variety. 58-61, I took ceramics for a year, sucked, but enjoyed it; #s 50 + 43, I’m getting lost now. No dresser? Ethiopia? Dog in sling? I wish I carried my cats in slings! I want a farm too/bed n breakfast. And I want a little girl, because I already have 3 boys, and friends w/boys.

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